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Hi All- our team is Anja’s Angels which is named after Angel Aton’s nickname “Anja” that her nieces and nephews call her (the loves of her life) and she calls them her “Angels”. The name stuck and now Anja is the part of Angel she is most proud of and happy to share with the world. Only positives are associated with this and since this awareness of migraine disease and support for research about it is a positive advancement, it seems an appropriate name for the team that is going to help bring awareness and solidarity and show the example of what can be conquered when people come together to support a cause. And whether you walk, run, donate or just support us, it is all so appreciated. Thank you in advance for your encouragement as it is meaningful to all of us. If you are a sufferer then join the team and create a page telling us your story. If you know anyone who suffers (which I bet you do), make that part of your story, if you can walk or run or donate, please consider doing so on the Anja’s Angels page. People like me wouldn’t have a chance without supporters like you. Much love, Angel (captain of Anja’s Angels).

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May 10 Anja's Angels - making a donation to my page to signify my acknowledgement that I am 18 years into the battle. Happy F-U-versary migraine! $53.00
Feb 23 Angel Aton Stop the Stigma! Migraine research is underfunded for research and insurance for treatments that work, especially alternative treatments. $53.00